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Second Artefact Feedback
March 18, 2009, 6:32 pm
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Today’s workshop was used to get some feedback about our second artefact, the website and also to get some feedback on our blogs. Mez, our main feedback lecturer, came round each of us to give us some useful advice on how to make our websites slightly better. I showed her my Dreamweaver website both though the raw Dreamweaver created HTML files and the website online, in which I had uploaded before hand, the main thing that Mez talked about was the way in which my website was set out in an easy to use, but professional manner, she commented on how I used div tags to create the desired effects and designs within the website, In particular she liked the way I created two menu bars, which would be shown when and where appropriate.

This shows the menu's I created in my website

This shows the menu's I created in my website

I tried myself to get the bottom menu to the left hand site but every time I tried this it would muck up the whole design and I didn’t know how to fix this, so reluctantly I had to settle for the way I originally did it. If I was to do this again I think I would finally try to sort out exactly how to do this again properly.

All together Mez thought my website was an extremely competent website with all of the codes and conventions that it would need to contain, she gave me a guestimate of grading me a 2-1 just for the website design, I was extremely happy with this and got some feedback as to what I could add in order to get the final top grade.

Finally I showed Mez my blog, she did say this was seriously lacking in my final product and severely warned me that this could bring my final grade right down, she said in order for me to get a pass I would need to do quite a bit of work on my blog and do at least 15-20 posts, I will admit I really am not a great blogger but I’ll give it my best shot to pull my grade up. However, one good thing she did say about my blog was that of the flickr widget that I added, she said it gave my blog that extra spark that could, with more work, potentially boost my grade up. In order to fulfil my potential I will be concentrating a lot on what Mez said and try to do as many high quality blogs as I can. The next thing that I am looking forward to is creating a flash file, I can imagine it will be hard but hopefully I will grasp how to use flash quickly as I am a quick learner of new programs. I’m hoping that overall I can get a decent grade and please all of the lecturers, maybe even to become one of the earmarked people of the group.


Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver
March 18, 2009, 6:00 pm
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Ever since I saw one of my best friends from the site,, create a new website to use for a Funkypool tournament, where it was a stand-alone site detailing all the happenings of the clan tournaments, I then asked him about what you had to do to create such a website and he started telling me about loads of different things to do with HTML and CSS, I was astounded by this due to thinking website design was extremely easy, I saw some of the code and just thought, how do you do all of that. This was why, when I started the University course and was asked to make a decision on what add+vantage scheme to choose, I instantly saw ‘Introduction to website design using Dreamweaver’, I fell in love and instantly signed up for the course. Little did I know I struck an even bigger bonus, after learning that my Dreamweaver module ran alongside my 112MC module, I knew this would be a massive advantage for me because I could interchange everything I have learned in both modules with each other. From the very start of the courses I had no knowledge of Dreamweaver apart from the little bit of CSS that Stuart showed me, I was extremely looking forward to learning about CSS so that I could replicate what Stuart has done and maybe even excel my expertise beyond his knowledge. After a few weeks I feel extremely competent to be able to create div tag’s in WebPages and to use both internal and external style sheets, I prefer to use internal style sheets because they seem easier and less complicated to create, however there are still many advantages of external style sheets such as being able to apply them to more than one div tag or page.

The opening page of adobe Dreamweaver CS3

The opening page of adobe Dreamweaver CS3

When introduced to Dreamweaver for the first time I thought it was going to be extremely hard to use, everything looked extremely complicated. However, to my surprise, everything was actually really simple and easy to use once you get your head around the basics. Everything is done in design view and the code tags are added in automatically, however if you feel the need to change anything you can switch into split or code view and edit from there too. I then started to insert all of the pictures into the website and linked everything together, however the one thing I had forgotten is you can’t have spaces in the file names, so therefore had to go back and change all of the names so when I tried to upload, it then worked perfectly and my website is now online.

The code view in Dreamweaver

The code view in Dreamweaver

Second Artefact – Website with Images
March 18, 2009, 3:43 pm
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This is my second artefact for the module, this is a website created with adobe dreamweaver CS3, using HTML and CSS functions to display the website and images in a professional manner.

This is my permanent space for this website, so the link will be the same when I complete my final piece, however there are a few issues with data transfer usage and the website can only be viewed by two people per hour, otherwise it gets taken down for an hour due to exceeding the data transfer limit.

History of Computing and Internet Privacy
March 18, 2009, 2:40 pm
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The internet nowadays, is a necessity, as the years have gone by we rely more and more on this use of this service, It would be a huge struggle now to live without this amazing feature, it would mean communication would be made substantially weak compared to now, we wouldn’t have the means of email and other social networking sites such as Facebook, Bebo or Myspace, meaning that it would be much harder to communicate with many people throughout the world. These applications are fairly new to use but if we were to essentially reserve time and get rid of all of these programs life would be so much harder, not just for ease of communication but also because you can upload many things to these sites, for instance, videos and pictures, this would make it hard for early media producers because it would mean their work wouldn’t be seen by so many people of the world and would take a lot more time and effort to get anyone to take a real interest in their work. One key aspect that shows the speed of the development of the internet is, that our very own University work, is being shown and posted up in blogs, this was compared to being done in a workbook where no-one could see what we were thinking, this in itself shows the huge achievements and advancements the internet has made.

One of the earliest computers ever made.

One of the earliest computers ever made.

IBM were the first company to built the first ever computer, however they hit a stumbling block when they took the negative view of computing and Thomas Watson, chairman’s quote that “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers”. This statement shows the neglected attitudes towards computers when they were first produced and everyone believed that there was going to be no huge market for the home computer. This was due to the size and inability of the computers that were being made, how wrong they were. Eventually it took one man, the richest man in the world still to this date, Bill Gates, owner of Microsoft Enterprises, to drop a bomb on those words and prove Thomas Watson wrong, his aim was to get one computer in every home throughout the world, In my opinion he can’t be far off his target, I know that in my house, we have three desktop computers and four Laptops just within our one house, this puts a huge emphasis on how much we really do rely on computers in our world today. Also due to the huge advances in the internet over the past 20 years, we also have wireless high speed broadband access. This shows the massive market that the internet and computers have created, not only for themselves, but also for millions of other markets, such as internet shopping, the internet world will just keep on growing, the question I would like to ask is, “will there ever be a boundary to the internet and computing, meaning we hit the best that the internet and computing can do and there is nothing more that can be improved”, if this is true, I still believe that we won’t hit this point for at least another fifty years, this shows just how mighty the internet really is, majority of fads, such as the VHS tape, Vinyl records, mini-disc players etc, last around twenty years and then a new phenomenon gets brought out and the cycle starts all over again.

Throughout my time on the internet I haven’t really cared about what I put on the internet, mainly because I really don’t care about anyone knowing anything about me and am not scared of any comeuppances I may receive, it just hasn’t been a serious issue for me or anything I have really had a good think about. However while I was in sixth form, someone that I didn’t like, managed to get hold of a picture of me from my Myspace account, he decided to edit the photo and make it look like the cover of a magazine, with the headline, “world’s biggest loser”, of course I wasn’t really bothered because I’m not one for caring about what people think of me, however when one of my best friends phones me up telling me to come on msn because they searched my name on Google and found this picture of me, when I saw it I was surprised how easily it really is to literally self-destruct yourself by posting information about yourself on the internet. Another incident happened a few weeks back where someone on my friends list for Facebook, who I didn’t even know, started speaking to me and leaving all sort of hate-mail around my profiles and any of my work, I had this on some of my YouTube videos and all over my Myspace and Facebook account, somehow he also knew I previously worked at Gamestation and threatened to stink bomb the store when I was working next and then laugh in my face. He had no reason or motive for doing all of this apart from to have fun and pick on someone who is not exactly conventional to the rest of the world.

My facebook profile

My facebook profile

Finally my mother asked me to create a Facebook account for her, which I did and then low and behold, I see the person above, not only sent a friend request to her, but also to have my cousin on his friends list. I then warned her what to be careful of what she puts on her Facebook and even am now more careful myself about what I put on the internet.

We were also warned in lectures that, even though, our profiles are set to private, employers of your work could also be accessing your profile pages to access and find out things that you wouldn’t talk about during an interview or general work, this could then result in you getting singled out and could in theory, lead to you being warned or even getting sacked from your job.

The Music Industry and Convergence
March 18, 2009, 1:48 pm
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Today’s lecture consisted of how convergence can impact the music industry. Due to the recent increase in downloaded music, not just from legal sites such as ITunes and Amazon, but also from illegal sources such as limewire, bit-torrents and Morpheus. Due to this the sale rates of music CD’s have plummeted over the past few years, leaving music sales companies such as Virgin, Zavvi and others, closing down.

The new advancements of the internet have started to enable the downloading of music files and albums over the internet, with such advancements as broadband and now, high speed broadband, it means that consumers can now download music files within a few minutes, therefore decreasing the time compared to going out to the shops and taking a long time over getting a particular album.

The main share of album sales now is actually via the use of downloads, this could be because of the ease of getting hold of an album, but not only that it could be because of the vastly low prices, if you were to go into a music shop to buy an album, it could cost up to £13, whereas if you were to download it from ITunes, it would cost around half the price at £7.99, also, in stores you have to buy the full album, whereas for downloads, you can pick and choose your songs, for a slightly higher price per song than it would be for each song together in the full album.

The most successul online legal download business

ITunes - The most successul online legal download business

However one big flaw in the internet for the music industry is that of illegal downloads. The internet can be so easily exploited to use peer-to-peer downloads, this means that millions of people, practically anyone who has access to the internet, can access music and video downloads for free. This is a huge problem for the music industry to combat because so many people do this, it would be stupid to prosecute every person that has downloaded music illegally and also due to internet privacy rights, it is also extremely hard to catch the offenders, IP masks, proxy servers and many more add-on’s also make it extremely hard to pin point the offender, this therefore leaves the record labels at a huge loss.

Arguably, the most successful company to come from online downloads is that of Apple ITunes and their online store, many record labels have sufficed to break Apple’s Monopoly on music downloads, such as Amazon and, however to this date, none have succeeded, I feel that for the music labels to carry on being successful, they will need to work with the internet and in turn rely on it heavily for its main source of capital.

Visual Representations data
February 24, 2009, 2:29 pm
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My first artifact was to compile a number of photos to represent some some facts about a certain subject. I decided to compile the photo’s on facts about my own life.

The first picture I chose to do was of my bed, with text saying approximately how many hours in my life I have slept, I chose this subject because sleep is one of the biggest parts of any of our lives, some of us sleep for up to a third of our lives. Also the average amount of sleep that you are supposed to have per day is 8 hours, unfortunately many of us do not have enough time to sleep for that long, so many of us suffer from sleep deprivation and get angry or tired.

The second picture I chose to do was something centred around styling hair, he reason for chosing this was many of us spend large amounts of time styling their hair, I myself spend around 20 minutes every day drying and straightening my hair, when you think about how long that is just in a few months, it is a very long time, also many people argue about how much styling your hair can do so much damage, so my photo could not only make people aware of the vast amount of time, but also the vast amount of damage done to our hair. In addition to this my photo could also point out the fact that spending so much time doing your hair can help influence sleep deprivation because people often have to get up earlier so they leave enough time to do it.

My third picture was to show how much time I spend on the bus, this is because the bus takes 20-25 minutes to get from my house to the University and vice versa, this is a long time in my opinion and as shown in my photo, the time spend gathers up rather quickly. However it does put a good perspective because it shows how much time I’m using public transport rather than getting a lift from the family in the car, thus meaning I am saving on carbon emissions and in turn helping the environment.

My fourth picture is of a pool table, this is because playing pool has been a large part of my life for a number of years, ever since I could walk I’ve been playing pool, from a small 6ft – 3ft wooden table in my room, to the now full size slate bed snooker tables, I hope to carry on playing for the rest of my life and compete in tournaments, or maybe even create my own tournament.

My fifth picture is based around football, Manchester United in fact, they were the first ever team i saw on TV when I was 4 years old, they lost the game 3-0 but I fell in love with the team’s style of play. I decided to include this in my slideshow because of the usual ‘glory supporter’ tag that is handed to me everyday, it sickens me when people call me a glory fan even though they don’t know the first think about me, my football tastes, reasons for supporting the club and is just to all those people out there who put me down for supporting the club, I have been loyal to the club for 16 years and will carry on doing so for the rest of my life.

My sixth Picture is based around console gaming. In this generation, console gaming is a huge part of the everyday life of a person, many of us have had 2 or more of the console systems, I, myself have had six consoles ranging from the very early playstation 1 to one of the newest next generation consoles, the xbox 360. I have a huge knowledge about the console industry and have also worked for both HMV and Gamestation, these are 2 of the biggest console gaming stores in the UK, I feel that this has vastly influenced my life.

My seventh picture is of the browser for the online gaming site,, I have been a member of this site for over 2 years now and have won over 70 of the hourly tournaments, they also have a clan tournament, where there are 8 clans of 6 players in each clan, this event happens by playing a certain player each week, I have taken part in 3 of the 4 season’s it has been running and the clan I was with won the second season. I feel that this has influenced my life so much, because I spend way too much time on it and have met many friends on the site.

My eighth picture is of many different album art covers, this is because music is probably the biggest  thing in my life, I have more than 8000 songs on my Ipod and am constantly listening to music, I am a big fan of all types of rock music.

My final picture is of my computer, this is because I spend way too much time on it, all of the time I’m at home I am doing something on my computer, whether it be listening to music, playing on games, or just generally browsing the internet.

My photo gallery
January 27, 2009, 1:08 pm
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This link is the link to my visual representations data photo slideshow on flickr. It consists of 9 pictures.