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Introduction to Adobe Flash
March 20, 2009, 10:09 am
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Today was the first day that I learned how to use Adobe flash CS3, initially I was extremely apprehensive as have heard about flash being an extremely hard and tedious program to use, I was expecting to be seeing us having to edit each individual frame, which obviously would be an extremely long task, however, besides all of that I was still looking forward to trying my had at flash and to try and diversify my knowledge and experience of different programs, I am a quick learner usually so I couldn’t see me getting into too many problems with the program and if I did, I am fairly competent at researching the answers myself.

The first thing we were asked to make was a small animation, Mez guided us through how to do this, it basically included moving shapes across the page and also morphing one shape into another, we did this by creating the key frames on the timeline, then inputting images in the window, then moving to the last Key frame and changing or morphing the shape previously, we then added a motion tween, to the images that were supposed to move across the screen, or a shape tween, to the images that were supposed to morph into a different shape.

This is a shot of my initial animation

This is a shot of my initial animation

I am hoping to be one of the main students that Mez in keeping an eye on, 1) because it keeps me motivated so that she can’t see many weaknesses in my work or effort, 2) because if she spots any mistakes I have made, she can quickly steer me in the right direction and 3) because I would like to provide some help towards the Dreamweaver and flash tutorials, due to me feeling I am fairly competent at using both of these programs.

I can’t wait until next week where we will be moving into more advanced things in flash, including making our slideshows, I hope as the weeks go by I can learn more and more about all sorts of programs, so that in future I will be able to do everything so much easier and be more diverse in my experience of different program, I already know quite a bit about programs such as Photoshop and Sony Vegas, I am also learning more and more each day about Avid Express, Flash CS3, Dreamweaver and a few more programs, not bad to start with but I feel I can excel myself and learn most of the professional programs on the market today.


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