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Making Flash Slideshow
March 20, 2009, 10:39 am
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Today was the day, the day we were going to make our slideshows, I had really tried for the majority of the week to play around with flash, making small artefacts consisting of small shapes, motion tweens and shape tweens, however this was the first time I would actually be using proper images.

When we made our final picture artefacts they will be inserted into our final website to create the last final artefact. Mez and Nick gave us a step by step tutorial on how to make the flash slideshow, which to my suprise, was actually fairly easy to do, I expected it to be extremely complicated, however once you got into it and knew what you were doing, it all came together fairly quickly and easily, we were also asked to use buttons, such as next slide and previous slide, which then had to be linked into documents using action scripts, something that flew straight over my head when I heard it, however, after some slight help it became extremely easy, having not used these things before, I was surprised at how quickly I grasped how to use them. Firstly I imported all of my pictures into the timeline and inserted all of the buttons needed, this was so that the pictures would not just scroll through every frame, after a bit of help from Rob Knowles, I then learned how to put scripts in to make the slideshow continue through and then go back to the beginning.

Mez then showed us how to make movie clips, in order to create a fade between each image, slightly more complex and time consuming before we had to create an individual separate movie clip for each picture, having the first Key frame having all of the coulour drained out of it and the last being the picture with all of its colour, we then added a motion tween to it so that it would bring in the colour every frame that went past, this created a fading effect, however, to my worry, it seemed to keep playing through in a loop, the picture fading in out again and again, to combat this I entered the ‘Stop’ script, this stopped the image from looping, we then had to delete the old photo’s in the timeline and imported the movie clips, then tested the movie and found out it worked perfectly.

This is My Final Flash Artefact

This is My Final Flash Artefact

If you refer to my webpage link you will see my flash file embedded into the page.


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