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Second Artefact Feedback
March 18, 2009, 6:32 pm
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Today’s workshop was used to get some feedback about our second artefact, the website and also to get some feedback on our blogs. Mez, our main feedback lecturer, came round each of us to give us some useful advice on how to make our websites slightly better. I showed her my Dreamweaver website both though the raw Dreamweaver created HTML files and the website online, in which I had uploaded before hand, the main thing that Mez talked about was the way in which my website was set out in an easy to use, but professional manner, she commented on how I used div tags to create the desired effects and designs within the website, In particular she liked the way I created two menu bars, which would be shown when and where appropriate.

This shows the menu's I created in my website

This shows the menu's I created in my website

I tried myself to get the bottom menu to the left hand site but every time I tried this it would muck up the whole design and I didn’t know how to fix this, so reluctantly I had to settle for the way I originally did it. If I was to do this again I think I would finally try to sort out exactly how to do this again properly.

All together Mez thought my website was an extremely competent website with all of the codes and conventions that it would need to contain, she gave me a guestimate of grading me a 2-1 just for the website design, I was extremely happy with this and got some feedback as to what I could add in order to get the final top grade.

Finally I showed Mez my blog, she did say this was seriously lacking in my final product and severely warned me that this could bring my final grade right down, she said in order for me to get a pass I would need to do quite a bit of work on my blog and do at least 15-20 posts, I will admit I really am not a great blogger but I’ll give it my best shot to pull my grade up. However, one good thing she did say about my blog was that of the flickr widget that I added, she said it gave my blog that extra spark that could, with more work, potentially boost my grade up. In order to fulfil my potential I will be concentrating a lot on what Mez said and try to do as many high quality blogs as I can. The next thing that I am looking forward to is creating a flash file, I can imagine it will be hard but hopefully I will grasp how to use flash quickly as I am a quick learner of new programs. I’m hoping that overall I can get a decent grade and please all of the lecturers, maybe even to become one of the earmarked people of the group.


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