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Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver
March 18, 2009, 6:00 pm
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Ever since I saw one of my best friends from the site,, create a new website to use for a Funkypool tournament, where it was a stand-alone site detailing all the happenings of the clan tournaments, I then asked him about what you had to do to create such a website and he started telling me about loads of different things to do with HTML and CSS, I was astounded by this due to thinking website design was extremely easy, I saw some of the code and just thought, how do you do all of that. This was why, when I started the University course and was asked to make a decision on what add+vantage scheme to choose, I instantly saw ‘Introduction to website design using Dreamweaver’, I fell in love and instantly signed up for the course. Little did I know I struck an even bigger bonus, after learning that my Dreamweaver module ran alongside my 112MC module, I knew this would be a massive advantage for me because I could interchange everything I have learned in both modules with each other. From the very start of the courses I had no knowledge of Dreamweaver apart from the little bit of CSS that Stuart showed me, I was extremely looking forward to learning about CSS so that I could replicate what Stuart has done and maybe even excel my expertise beyond his knowledge. After a few weeks I feel extremely competent to be able to create div tag’s in WebPages and to use both internal and external style sheets, I prefer to use internal style sheets because they seem easier and less complicated to create, however there are still many advantages of external style sheets such as being able to apply them to more than one div tag or page.

The opening page of adobe Dreamweaver CS3

The opening page of adobe Dreamweaver CS3

When introduced to Dreamweaver for the first time I thought it was going to be extremely hard to use, everything looked extremely complicated. However, to my surprise, everything was actually really simple and easy to use once you get your head around the basics. Everything is done in design view and the code tags are added in automatically, however if you feel the need to change anything you can switch into split or code view and edit from there too. I then started to insert all of the pictures into the website and linked everything together, however the one thing I had forgotten is you can’t have spaces in the file names, so therefore had to go back and change all of the names so when I tried to upload, it then worked perfectly and my website is now online.

The code view in Dreamweaver

The code view in Dreamweaver


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