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History of Computing and Internet Privacy
March 18, 2009, 2:40 pm
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The internet nowadays, is a necessity, as the years have gone by we rely more and more on this use of this service, It would be a huge struggle now to live without this amazing feature, it would mean communication would be made substantially weak compared to now, we wouldn’t have the means of email and other social networking sites such as Facebook, Bebo or Myspace, meaning that it would be much harder to communicate with many people throughout the world. These applications are fairly new to use but if we were to essentially reserve time and get rid of all of these programs life would be so much harder, not just for ease of communication but also because you can upload many things to these sites, for instance, videos and pictures, this would make it hard for early media producers because it would mean their work wouldn’t be seen by so many people of the world and would take a lot more time and effort to get anyone to take a real interest in their work. One key aspect that shows the speed of the development of the internet is, that our very own University work, is being shown and posted up in blogs, this was compared to being done in a workbook where no-one could see what we were thinking, this in itself shows the huge achievements and advancements the internet has made.

One of the earliest computers ever made.

One of the earliest computers ever made.

IBM were the first company to built the first ever computer, however they hit a stumbling block when they took the negative view of computing and Thomas Watson, chairman’s quote that “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers”. This statement shows the neglected attitudes towards computers when they were first produced and everyone believed that there was going to be no huge market for the home computer. This was due to the size and inability of the computers that were being made, how wrong they were. Eventually it took one man, the richest man in the world still to this date, Bill Gates, owner of Microsoft Enterprises, to drop a bomb on those words and prove Thomas Watson wrong, his aim was to get one computer in every home throughout the world, In my opinion he can’t be far off his target, I know that in my house, we have three desktop computers and four Laptops just within our one house, this puts a huge emphasis on how much we really do rely on computers in our world today. Also due to the huge advances in the internet over the past 20 years, we also have wireless high speed broadband access. This shows the massive market that the internet and computers have created, not only for themselves, but also for millions of other markets, such as internet shopping, the internet world will just keep on growing, the question I would like to ask is, “will there ever be a boundary to the internet and computing, meaning we hit the best that the internet and computing can do and there is nothing more that can be improved”, if this is true, I still believe that we won’t hit this point for at least another fifty years, this shows just how mighty the internet really is, majority of fads, such as the VHS tape, Vinyl records, mini-disc players etc, last around twenty years and then a new phenomenon gets brought out and the cycle starts all over again.

Throughout my time on the internet I haven’t really cared about what I put on the internet, mainly because I really don’t care about anyone knowing anything about me and am not scared of any comeuppances I may receive, it just hasn’t been a serious issue for me or anything I have really had a good think about. However while I was in sixth form, someone that I didn’t like, managed to get hold of a picture of me from my Myspace account, he decided to edit the photo and make it look like the cover of a magazine, with the headline, “world’s biggest loser”, of course I wasn’t really bothered because I’m not one for caring about what people think of me, however when one of my best friends phones me up telling me to come on msn because they searched my name on Google and found this picture of me, when I saw it I was surprised how easily it really is to literally self-destruct yourself by posting information about yourself on the internet. Another incident happened a few weeks back where someone on my friends list for Facebook, who I didn’t even know, started speaking to me and leaving all sort of hate-mail around my profiles and any of my work, I had this on some of my YouTube videos and all over my Myspace and Facebook account, somehow he also knew I previously worked at Gamestation and threatened to stink bomb the store when I was working next and then laugh in my face. He had no reason or motive for doing all of this apart from to have fun and pick on someone who is not exactly conventional to the rest of the world.

My facebook profile

My facebook profile

Finally my mother asked me to create a Facebook account for her, which I did and then low and behold, I see the person above, not only sent a friend request to her, but also to have my cousin on his friends list. I then warned her what to be careful of what she puts on her Facebook and even am now more careful myself about what I put on the internet.

We were also warned in lectures that, even though, our profiles are set to private, employers of your work could also be accessing your profile pages to access and find out things that you wouldn’t talk about during an interview or general work, this could then result in you getting singled out and could in theory, lead to you being warned or even getting sacked from your job.


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