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March 18, 2009, 8:50 pm
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In the lecture on March 23rd we talked about the future of a virtual reality world. Not too long ago living in a virtual world, however in the past few years of boom in the technological developments the world has seen, this is now a reality, although still in its beginning stages, people are not able to live as an alter ego, in worlds such as ‘Second life’ . ‘Second life’ is basically an online replica of the world where you can go around living like a proper human and take part in almost any task you wish, you can also buy land and build on top of it. To participate on ‘Second life’ you need to create an avatar, basically a profile for who you want to be and what you look like, however in the virtual world, it’s not like the real world, everyone on the site is made out to be beautiful, therefore meaning there are no ugly or fat people on the site, this I feel is unrealistic because it doesn’t represent what the real world is like. Apparently, Coventry University have spend thousands of pounds in creating itself in the world of second life, this is due to mass hits from people all around the world and gets advertising for the university all around the world, however when we did a class survey of how many people in our course used second life, there was only one person, this show that even though it has a massive amount of hits, there is still room for lots of improvement.

Every person in Second life looks like this

Every person in Second life looks like this

One thing that does annoy me about this site is, to live a life on this site, you do need to pump your own more into this site, for the real addicts this could create a real problem and cause huge financial problems. The main thing that enrages me is, huge businesses can exploit these people by offering out products for the avatars and the people that get hooked in are literally giving their money away for nothing in return, I believe this is corrupt business and should be classed as illegal. The big thing about this is so many people could get so addicted to this game that it literally could become their life, I spend a lot of time on the computer but this could send someone over the edge, it promotes gameplay to an over exaggerated level and really could result in affecting their health.

Coventry University on Second Life

Coventry University on Second Life

Finally the other thing that makes the game unrealistic is there is rarely any bad weather, every day in second life seems to be full of sunshine, this, I feel there are still a fair few aspects that would need to be changed in order to complete the real transition into a virtual life.


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