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March 18, 2009, 7:29 pm
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When I first heard about web 2,0 I thought, what the hell is that, the web is the web, isn’t it? I’m the type of guy that always needs to know everything about everything, especially when it comes to working with computing, so naturally, my inquisitive nature made me delve into this subject more. I believe that the difference now between web 1.0 and web 2.0 is that web 1.0 is using a client server, where you can access various other servers to access information, whereas in web 2.0 you use peer-to-peer to send and receive information from each other. Web 2.0 has revolutionised the way in which we all use the world wide web, each and every one of us can now enter our own information without any restrictions, this has in particular revolutionized the way we can communicate through the internet, examples of web 2.0 sites are, Facebook, Myspace, and bebo, all of these sites allow us to share vast amounts of information into the world, ranging from what you’re doing now, to what exciting thing you are going to be doing next week.

An image to describe Web 2.0

An image to describe Web 2.0

The shot below is from my own account, shows various information about music, it can allow people to play a playlist of most of the songs that you are listening too and even can tell the user the exact song that you are listening to now, pretty cool if you ask me. The picture below shows that I have had to 16,298 song plays since April 22nd 2008 and that I am currently listening to ‘Deadsong’ by the band ‘Before the Dawn’.

My account page

My account page

Web 2.0 uses CSS, a dynamic design feature, whereas Web 1.0 uses static designs, this means Web 2.0 websites, to me, always seem more interesting and better looking due to fantastic graphics, where as Web 1.0 is usually just the basic use of HTML code and looks boring, this loses the amount of views because nowadays people are always looking for something new and interesting within the internet. Big businesses employ a great marketing strategy of advertising mainly on Web 2.0 websites, this is because they get the vast majority of views on the web right now. However it is a common misconception that Web 2.0 sites are only social networking site, this is not true, Web 2.0 can be used to convey all sorts of information, such as the website which uses a virtual tour function so you can see around a certain house.


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